9+ Stylish Window Treatment Ideas for Your Room

window treatment ideas

Choosing the right window treatment ideas for your room can help you to get the most of the space. This is because of window treatment isn’t only functional but also beautiful as décor and balance for any space in your home.

When it comes to selecting a window treatment for your room, it’s no doubt that the possibilities are countless. Whether they are Roman shades, flowing drapes, or simple shutters, you’ll find a variety of options out there.

For them who love the dramatic look in their room, floor-to-ceiling curtains must be perfect, while those who seek a more laid-back aesthetic in their space can go for patterned Roman shades.

Then for DIY lovers, from bed sheets and pillowcases to placemats and jars, there are a bunch of things that you can use to create inexpensive window treatment. For instance, when you need a quick change in your room, simply take your old bed sheet and make it into a piece of new curtain.

Now, if you find it hard to get an idea or two to begin with, don’t worry. Here I’ve put together the top nine best ideas to cover every window with style. So, check this out!

#Natural Matchstick Blinds for Small Room

natural matchstick


If you need to cover a window in a small space, opt for matchstick blind that can let natural light in like this one. The natural look of the blind keeps the space feeling light and airy.

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#Elegant Roman Shade for Modern Room

roman elegant


A Roman shade is perfect to add pattern to your room. Just like this elegant patterned shade which completes the modern look of the room. Consider keeping the wall in a neutral tone to get the most of the pattern.

#Unique Floor-to-Ceiling DIY Drapes

Diy Drapes


For you who are into the uniqueness of window treatment ideas, look to this no-sew custom drapes. Simply find a plain drape and write something you like on the fabric. Try writing your favorite song lyric or poem!

#Pop a Color with Tall Curtains

tall curtains


Tall drapes like the one shown in the picture can make contrast and create a room feel more spacious. The bold blue curtains in this room make a perfect pop of color to the clean white wall.

#DIY Paper Garland Valance

diy paper


In case you’re a bit short on fabric, try creating a paper garland to be employed as a window topper like this one. You can string pages from vintage books onto ribbon to create an extraordinary, cheap valance like this.

For more ideas about window treatment:

window 4


window 3


window 2


window 1


Those are the nine best window treatments that you can get inspired from. Whatever your choice will be, make sure to apply one that suits the rest of your room design and mood. For example, bold patterned curtains may work better in neutral-tone space rather than in the bold one.

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On the other hand, if your room is already outfitted with shtters, additional window treatment is probably unnecessary. Instead, you can simply coat the paint with the fresh one. Now, it’s time for you to choose your best option among some of the best window treatment ideas above!