9 Inspiring Tea Party Decor, Ideas and Tips

tea party ideas

A tea party is absolutely entertaining. On this occasion, your family members and friends gather for a tasty tea and appetizing edibles. You can also wear your stunning dress. In case you’re going to be the host, we have compiled some tea party ideas.

Furthermore, you might organize the sweet event in summer or spring because the weathers are nice and comfortable. In such condition, you could utilize your small backyard or garden to get a more fantastic celebration.

Before the big day arrives, be sure you plan all the things really well. One of the significant elements is party decoration. It brings a huge impact on your special occasion.

If you want to make your party guests speechless and feel welcome, take a look at our unique decor tips below. We promise they will have an unforgettable tea party experience.

#Vintage Lace Table Runner



The lace table runner is not only classic but also chic. It undoubtedly adds a touch of romance and magnificence to your tea party decor. Plus, it comes in various colors and patterns.

In this version, the white lace table runner contrasts with the dark wooden table in a lovely way. It also lets the blooming flowers steal the attention.

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#Tea-Themed Garland



We extremely fall in love with this cute garland. It is inspired by teacup and teapot. All you need to create it is scissors, pencil, cardboard, wrapping paper, glue, and household cotton string. It’s pretty simple, right?

Here, the white door works as a perfect background for the garland, while the rose accents produce a lively and whimsical setting at once.

#Astonishing Floral Centerpiece



As you can see, the tea party features a bouquet of blossoming flowers. They serve as delightful centerpiece. Instead of using an ordinary vase, the organizer opts for a blue teacup.

Moreover, the teacup pops against the pink table linen. The flowers themselves freshen up the party scene.

#Soothing Fairy Lights

Fairy lights


When it comes to the tea party decor, you should choose the fairy lights. They illuminate your outdoor space as well as offer an intimate atmosphere. In this image, the fairy lights wrap the trees splendidly.

The lighting truly elevates the garden tea party. In addition, the leafless branches and unfinished wooden table promote rustic appeal.

#Flower Wreath

flower wreath


This autumn-themed wreath accentuates the white wall and highlights the desserts. The yellow and orange flowers lend the tea party some cheerful vibes.

The ring itself is made of tree twigs. It pairs well with the distressed wooden table. What an unpretentious yet striking decoration!

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#Divine Opened Umbrellas

opened umbrellas


Do you think white lace umbrellas are spectacular for a wedding party only? Well, think again. Here, the umbrellas above the table spruce up the tea party.

The colorful ribbons bring decoration to the next level. They effortlessly exhibit the festive feel, too.

#Unique Place Card

unique place card


The personalized place card reflects your thoughtfulness. So, why not go for it? Here, the place card on the floral saucer looks undeniably rustic. It partners beautifully with the wooden table.

While the grass and bonsai succulent fill up the teacup, they instantly deliver the freshness to the party.

Overall, those tea party ideas are worth trying. Pick any of them to make your outdoor celebration merrier. Do consider your budget and personal taste as well. So, are you ready to throw a tea party?