11 Spice Rack Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

spice rack design ideas

Kitchen clutter is something people couldn’t avoid, especially after every use. Spice jars and containers come under things that need to be spruced the most. So, you require some absolute spice racks.

In the list below, you’re going to see 11 spice rack ideas to aid you in keeping everything under control. Check them out!

1. Spice Gripper Clips

Spice Gripper Clips


This could do to be mounted racks to keep your bottles of spices neat. This set of gripper clips consist of six strips with 5 gripper clips on each line. So, this kind of rack could hold up to 30 bottles, which is quite a lot. It is a genius idea to have in limited kitchen space.

2. White Wire Macrame Spice Rack

Macrame spice rack


You’ll win over some aesthetic bonus point with this rack. It could double as wall decoration also because of its design. Come to think of it, the hanging basket set has the same design with the rack.

So it’s good to add some beauty to the kitchen. The rack only has two tiers which could hold your everyday spices within reach. Or, install another rack and you could have everything near.

3. Wall and Door Rack

Wall and Door Rack


Save a lot of space with this door rack. Since it gathers numerous bottles at the same place vertically, your precious floor and table space are saved.

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It comes with 8 tiers per unit with each line’s pretty wide so that all sorts of spice containers sizes could be in. We bet even with all spices in, there’ll still some space left to hold pantry items and dry foodstuffs.

4. Hanging Spice Storage Rack

Hanging Spice Storage Rack


Hanging is another idea to store your spices without wasting too much space. Installing this hanging rack is super easy since the rod is also included. You would get a less-fuss kitchen with this storage system as it could be hung inside of the cabinet door.

5. Two-Tier Spice Drawer

Spice Drawer


Another idea to create a neat kitchen environment is to ‘hide’ the things that potentially getting in your way. This two-tier drawer keeps your spice bottles horizontally away from sight. No more spices scatter around after use. It is also placed directly under your working top, so space and time are saved at the same time.

6. Four-Tier Spice Rack

Four-Tier Spice Rack


Na-ah, even without hanging or mounting everything, you still could collect all the spices neatly in one place. Using this four-tier rack, all of your stuff would stand in line nicely sans looking cramped.

7. Test Tube Spice Rack

Test Tube Spice Rack


Get unique and involve something unusual kitchen would have to store your spices. Test tube, for instance, ladies and gentlemen! Well, apparently, these tubes aren’t only for experimenting something, but also storing your spices and foodstuffs you need in an extraordinary way.

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8. Soda Bottle Crate Spice Rack

Crate Spice Rack


This idea offers you to take advantage of things which seems inappropriate and useless. But, listen to what other people say. They say one’s trash is the other’s treasure. And be ‘the other’ sometimes wouldn’t hurt.

In other words, go to the resale shops and find some old soda bottle crates to repurpose. You could have them the way they are now for a vintage look to store your spices. Or, refinish them all you want.

9. Open Shelving

Open Shelving


Contemporary have it a little bit differently than any other style. They characterize themselves with openness and spaciousness. So, to get a touch of modernity inside your kitchen, try to store things in open shelving like this.

With no boundaries in the form of doors, that limited space of yours would seem spacious. Besides, you get those spices well displayed which solves you another problem of looking for the right stuff in no time.

10. Magnetic Spice Display

Magnetic Spice Display


Storing, displaying, decorating, beautifying; you are able to enjoy four benefits in one product all at once with this magnetic spice display. And that could be because of the storages’ appearance.

Their lids are magnetic so that you could stick them onto the refrigerator’s door or steel board near the working area. Meanwhile, the container is transparent which eases you in finding the right ingredients with one look.

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11. Bag-It-Up Spice Rail

Spice Rail Ideas

Bag-It-Up Spice Rail

Often, some things are versatile with you know nothing about them. Like this window treatment rod and curtain clips. Seemingly, they’re not for treating your window only, but also for displaying and storing your spices fancifully.

This way is good to keep the dries cool and, of course, dry. Any kind of plastic bag would do, as long as it’s clean and not ripped whatsoever.

Well, the list of spice rack ideas is going longer and more if you rack your brain for creativity because everything could store your kitchen needs presumably. One thing that’s left now is your consistency to keep everything back to its place just like before it’s used. We believe you could do it, dear readers, for the sake of presentable kitchen. Have a good day!