7 Stunning Small Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

small bathroom ideas

Just because you have a tiny bathroom, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel magnificent. Nowadays, there are myriad small bathroom ideas to make your narrow space acquires the elegance and beauty of a larger bathroom.

From clever storage solutions to smart finishes, even the smallest bathroom can turn out to be a stylish and practical space. Whether you love a sleek streamlined appearance or traditional detailing, there is a bunch of ways to pack a punch, too!

So, if you are getting bored with your small, uninteresting bathroom, it’s time for you to inject the space with some fresh looks. Rethinking of what should and shouldn’t be included in your bathroom is what you all expect an ideal bathroom design to look like.

If you are ready to make the change but haven’t got any idea on mind, don’t worry. I’ll show you how to make a small bathroom to be an inviting and stylish space with these following ideas.

1. Think like a Pro

profesional bathroom


Visually and architecturally, it is better to keep a tiny bathroom feeling open by not including too many things into it. Hang your towels on hooks or bars and keep the pattern to a minimum like this stylish small bathroom.

2. Take Advantage of Striking Wallpaper

modern bathroom


One of the best methods to disguise a tiny bathroom is by introducing an interest. For this reason, striking wallpaper like this one is ideal. As you can see, this black and white tree-patterned wallpaper can attract your attention.

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3. Use a Freestanding and Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture


A narrow footprint shouldn’t affect your creative flair. This one of small bathroom ideas proves that a petite space can still have a beautiful appearance. With a freestanding bathtub and multifunctional storage solution, this bathroom seems roomy and elegant.

4. Bring a Statement Plant

bathroom with plant


This bathroom takes a super-minimalist approach with simple geometries and clean lines. The bathroom is designed in a pure white with a statement plant, making the room feel uncluttered and open. Overall, this idea is simple yet charming.

5. Create a Neutral Beauty

neutral beauty


This beautiful bathroom combines a shade of blue and white together to bring a lovely flair to the space. The tiles are only halfway up the wall, making the space feels larger while saving on the use of tiles, too.

6. Introduce a Large Mirror

large mirror


This modern bathroom proves that a simple large mirror can make a narrow space seems larger. It’s the ideal solution if mirrored walls aren’t just your taste. With extra storage coming beneath the mirror, you can save more space, too.

7. Add Floating Shelves

floating shelves


Floating shelves remain a favorite for small bathroom storage. You can find a wide range of styles to complete your bathroom. If you want to bring a rustic charm, go with this kind of wooden floating shelves.

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Now, you’ve had some great ideas on mind to make the most of your small bathroom. At this point, you can settle on one of the best small bathroom ideas above or combine some ideas to create your own. Finally, I hope you get inspired and have a nice day!