7+ Very Inspiring Outdoor Space Ideas

outdoor space ideas

With the right outdoor space ideas, your area will turn out to be one of your favorite spaces at home. While this was once just a space to set patio furniture set and perhaps a grill, nowadays people start to include kitchen sets, televisions, and many other things into their outdoor area.

If you love to dine out, for instance, introduce a dining table and chairs into your patio. Then, add a fireplace to make your patio area even more convenient for an evening gathering. On the other hand, you can simply hang a bed swing if you’d like to read a book or take a nap outside the house.

Whether you want to bring your whole living space outdoor or simply introduce an additional seating area to get relaxed and enjoy the summer evening, the possibilities are actually limitless. More interestingly, no matter the size of your yard or patio, you can maximize the space to its best.

So, if you’re ready to update your outdoor area in the best way, take a look at these inspiring ideas for your next remodel.

1. Opt for a Cozy Summer Retreat

summer retreat


Adding outdoor furniture has always been a perfect way to get the most of your patio area. With a pergola like this one, you will have a cozy seating area that isn’t entirely open.

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2. Go Private with Stylish Fence

stylish fence


If you want advanced privacy in your outdoor space, go for this stylish wooden fence to keep your backyard out of your neighbors’ sight. Adding the shade is the job of the wide fabric which is hanging over the outdoor furniture.

3. Grow a Vertical Garden

vertical garden


Just because the patio is narrow doesn’t mean you need to choose between growing a garden and an outdoor seating. Just like this one of outdoor space ideas, you can take advantage of the vertical space to grow a garden.

4. Take Advantage of Fire Pits

fire pit ideas


A fire pit is the classic mainstay of outdoor space. Imagine how relaxing it is to spend your evening around this fire pit. With abundant throw pillows on the bench, you won’t be able to resist this inviting space.

5. Bring the Kitchen Outside

kitchen outside


It’s nothing new to bring your entire kitchen outside of the house. Just like this outdoor space, you can have a functional patio that doubles as a kitchen and dining area. Get some stainless steel kitchen appliances for weather-wise options.

6. Go Wild with Potted Plants

outdoor plants


If you don’t have enough room for a garden, go with potted plants of all species like this idea. For a more eclectic look, choose a different kind of planters; opt for a range of materials including ceramics, wood, and terracotta.

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7. Use a Lovely Seating Space

outdoor space


Not only works as a functional seating area, but this porch swing brings lovely addition also to the outdoor area. Instead of pairing two porch swings in a small area, the homeowner makes a wise choice by doing it with two rattan chairs.

Those are the seven best outdoor space ideas that you’ll love. Lastly, make sure to have a storeroom for the outdoor furniture especially if you don’t go for an enclosed outdoor space design. Enjoy decorating!