7+ Amazing Outdoor Bathroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

outdoor bathroom ideas

If you want to make use of your backyard space, creating an outdoor bathroom is the best option. Because there is nothing more relaxing than taking a bath in the open air, that’s the reason we gathered up outdoor bathroom ideas for you.

Having an outdoor retreat gives you other advantages. First, you can rinse your body off after dipping in the pool. Second, you will experience luxury bath time. Third, it is functional for you who love gardening.

Moreover, the bathroom designs are nearly unlimited, from traditional to modern. So do the colors. Regardless of your choice, it must be mind-blowing. Without further ado, let’s check these out!

1. Vintage Outdoor Bathroom

vintage bathroom


Are you a lover of classic design? Give this idea a go. As seen in the image, the bathroom employs Victorian-style pink bathtub, shabby chic stool, and white-painted pebbles.

The plants in the cute containers add an organic feel to the area, while the straw fence provides the privacy. We promise your bath time couldn’t be more enjoyable.

2. Tropical Outdoor Sanctuary

tropical bathroom


After going through a hard day, all you need is taking a refreshing shower. And this bathroom will be your favorite spot for certain. It is mesmerizingly surrounded by lush tropical greenery.

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Green bathtub blends harmoniously into nature. The wooden floor emanates the warmth throughout the entire space. Plus, the crazy paving completes the look.

3. Rustic-Industrial Outdoor Bathroom

Rustic-Industrial Bathroom


If you wish to live a simple life, this idea is a must-try. Here, the bathroom resides on the rooftop. Design wise, it is undoubtedly minimalist. The white floor and walls produce visually bigger area.

In addition, the metal units exude the industrial charm. And the unpolished wooden roof develops a rustic edge.

4. Modern Monochrome Outdoor Bathroom



Black and white always make an awesome pair. These two neutral shades also delightfully fit in the modern space.

In this example, the outdoor shower is beyond heavenly, thanks to the white subway tiled-wall, wooden floor, and black concrete tiles. The planted and potted plants all over embellish the zone. What a retreat!

5. Feel the Vacation Vibes

vacation vibes


This outdoor personal escape might be simple, but it is so welcoming. The stone walls aesthetically show off the rough textures. Meanwhile, the wooden floor warms up the shower.

The plants in the pots and tall trees set a waterfall-like atmosphere. A rattan stool elevates the design.

6. Beach Outdoor Shower

outdoor shower


Who doesn’t love spending time in this bathroom? It features a rugged stone wall, wooden ladder, and white pebble rocks. They quickly infuse a touch of nature. The white space scheme lends the area seaside ambiance.

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The greenery spices up the shower room. A chaise lounge chair is not just iconic but also reminds you of fun summertime at the beach.

7. Japanese-Inspired Backyard Bathroom

Japanese-Inspired Bathroom


Have you been dreaming of Zen-like outdoor sanctuary? Now, turns your vision into reality. Lots of plants, black matte wall, and floor tiles offer natural tranquility as well as peace.

Additionally, the white pebble rocks and beige wall offset the black elements. There is a bamboo ladder creatively used as the towel rack. Lovely!

We hope you find fresh inspiration after reading our outdoor bathroom ideas. Whether your garden is spacious or not, don’t be deterred from building the exquisite bathroom outside.