9+ Most Popular Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

kitchen pantry ideas

It’s an undeniable fact that you’ll always need storage in your home no matter how compact it is, including in the kitchen. When you feel like building a kitchen pantry, you should consider the best kitchen pantry design ideas you want.

A pantry will be a big help for you when you need something such as food or drinks, for example, and you can just walk and take something out of it. It’s indeed essential and it’s not only for storing items.

I mean, it can be a good place to keep the kitchen to stay organized, too, right? There are many designs you can pick or even create yourself. A kitchen pantry needs to be functional, but you should pay attention to the space left in the kitchen.

Build one that’s not too big or small for storing things. It’ll be such a shame if you make a huge pantry but you only keep some little amount of stuff in it. On the other hand, it’ll make your room look cramped due to its sheer size.

1. Write the Name

unique pantry


When you’re in a hurry and want to find some ingredients or some items in the pantry, it’ll be such a waste of time if you keep looking for that stuff since you don’t remember where the last time you put it was.

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There’s a smart solution to that problem. Name each drawer to make you easily locate it.

2. Clever Storage

kitchen storage


If you happen to have a wide stair and that you don’t really have any space left to make storage, install shelves next to the stairs can be an effective way. It’ll really help you find things since they’re set in plain sight.

Make sure your shelves are durable and able to withstand the weight of the items you place there.

3. Open Pantry

open pantry


An open cupboard doesn’t only show what things are there, but it also makes a good appearance for the cupboard itself. It looks somehow clean and satisfying to see. You can save some time, too, as you don’t have to open the doors while searching for some items.

You can really maximize the space for saving kitchen appliances with open storage. It’ll give you an instant jolt when you can’t remember what item you’re going to use at that moment since you can directly see it.

4. Shut It

modern pantry


When your pantry touches the floor, keep it closed is a must. If you have kids or pets that highly likely mess everything in the kitchen, lock the pantry. Or else, all the stuff in there falls all over the place.

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There are also lovely green plants, too. It’s a good addition to your kitchen. Your kitchen may be small, but these plants won’t take much space.

5. Pantry with Rack Inside

kitchen with rack


To keep things in their places, installing racks inside the pantry, as seen here, can avoid any food or snack getting scattered or mixed together – especially when there’s a strong shake. It looks well-arranged, too, doesn’t it?

If you spend some considerable amount of time in the kitchen which means you’re going to open and close the pantry very often, opt a durable rack that can withstand the intense mobility. It’s better to have a bit expensive but long-lasting than cheap but easily broken.

6. Deep Drawer

classic pantry


You may find your pantry space isn’t big enough to hold all of the snacks, food, or drinks in one place, so you need to find a way out. Creating deep drawers so that you can insert some more stuff in it is highly recommended.

One reminder would be: don’t put some stuff that can shake or fall easily when pulling the drawer out.

7. Tiny Pantry

tiny pantry


Sometimes, your cramped space won’t allow you to have big storage. Fear not. You can still manage to have a small pantry in the kitchen by installing a mini cupboard. You can place it at the corner that won’t block your movement.

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8. Make It Well-Arranged

arrange pantry


Putting things based on its kinds, sizes, and shapes would help you spot the things you’re looking for. Some other benefits would be to make your pantry look nice and spread joy when you open it.

9. Keep It Somewhere Safe

clean pantry


It’s also possible for you to put mugs, bowls, or plates in it. Put them where you think it’s safe and not easily shaken when opening the door. Or you’ll break them. The right place will be in the middle or somewhere safe in the cabinet.

10. Spacious One

black pantry


A spacious kitchen space can have some more advantages to some extent. It’ll allow you to have spacious storage in the kitchen – and still, you can freely move without worrying you’ll bump with other kitchen appliances.

If you want to store some bottles with high sizes, the first thing you have to do is to make a higher shelve inside the cabinet. Since bottles are fragile, put them in the bottom will be the best place.

With our short list of kitchen pantry design ideas, you can now make your decision which idea you’re going to choose.