7 Great Basement Ceiling Ideas to Consider in Your Remodel

basement ceiling ideas

People used to add basements to their homes to make extra storage space. However, this additional room begins to see more and more activities these days. With a variety of basement ceiling ideas available out there, a finished basement starts to function as additional living space as well.

On the other hand, this new function of a basement comes with a dilemma. As you know, most basements have exposed wires, ductwork, and beams. Not only makes cleaning harder but these elements are also likely to be an eyesore when some guests are coming over.

But the good news is that you actually have countless basement ceiling remodel ideas to make those eyesores turn into elegant charms in your basement. With a little creativity and some cheap supplies, your basement ceiling can be changed into a functional and appealing focal point.

If you need some ideas to begin with, here are some cool ceiling ones for your basement. Enjoy them to bring style and personal touch to your basement!

1. Inexpensive Basement Ceiling with Drywall

Inexpensive basement


Drywall is considered as the most inexpensive and most popular basement ceiling solution. It creates a smooth, attractive living space. Combined with recessed lights like this idea, your ceiling will give the ultimate modern appeal to the basement.

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2. Unique Basement Ceiling Framing

unique basement


This basement ceiling seems unique and elegant despite the unfinished look. Painted in dark grey, the ceiling makes a balanced contrast against the white walls and stairs. Adding extra light is what a couple of recessed lights do on the ceiling.

3. Beautiful Star Ceiling

Beautiful basement


Install fiber optic star ceiling kits into your basement’s and you’ll have a pleasing living space to enjoy movies under the stars. If you have young children at home, it will be an interesting sanctuary for them, too.

4. Classic Wood Paneling Ceiling

classic basement


Having a similar final look to a good wooden floor, this one of basement ceiling ideas introduces a classic vibe to the basement. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, you can create a unique feel easily with this idea.

5. Wood Plank Ceiling for a Rustic Appeal

plank basement


Completing this basement stack stone and stained concrete is what the wood plank ceiling does. The rustic appeal of wood plank suits the rest of the space perfectly. Lightweight and strong, wood planks provide a great ceiling for any basement.

6. Basement High-End Ceiling

high end ceiling


This high-end ceiling design is significant enough to be a ‘wow’ factor in the basement. Not only does add style to the basement but it also provides a sense of height to the space.

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7. Natural Basement Ceiling

Natural basement


If you want to keep the wooden beams exposed, simply paint them in the matching color with the rest palette to create a cozy space like this one. Then, the unique light is adding an elegant charm to the ceiling.

Those are the seven best basement ceiling ideas that you can gain inspiration from. Most of the ideas above won’t eat up so many budgets. However, they can truly bring your basement remodeling into another level. Hopefully, you can get inspired by the ideas above. Happy remodeling!