9+ Best Traditional Style Bathroom Design Ideas for 2019

traditional bathroom ideas

Just because you are seeking the most ideal traditional style bathroom ideas, it doesn’t mean that you should be stuck with a traditional atmosphere and look. Traditional style can be gorgeous and good-looking as long as you know which aspect or element to include in the design.

This is the part where homeowners are usually overwhelmed because they don’t really know what to include or incorporate into the design. Fear not; your help is on the way.

Fresh Spa-Like White

bathroom countertop


If you want to create a bathroom that retains its traditional feel and yet you want to include a spa-like atmosphere, then you can combine marble and subway tiles for the look. The marble can be used for the floor and the countertop while the subway tiles are for the wall. It creates a clean and sleek design while keeping the traditional elements intact.

The Soft and Feminine

Feminine bathroom


If you are a busy mom looking for a personal me-time moment while enjoying the outdoor view, then placing the contoured bath tub with a wide archway window will create a special spot. You can also use soft and feminine colors like pastel green or mute green – pink is also possible.

This can be included in your traditional style bathroom ideas that will transform the regular bathroom to a special room for moms.

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Polished Tiles

polished tiles


You should consider having a polished and glossy tilex rather than choosing the matte finish. Sure, everyone may be using matte finish now but if you can choose the right color and the glossy tiles, you can create a modern version of the traditional style bathroom ideas that will make your bathroom look like a modern retreat and spa.

Marine Style

Marine styles


You can always add a touch of the seaside in your traditional bathroom by adding a touch of blue or turquoise to the color palette. Be sure that the original background hue is neutral, such as white, cream, or ivory.

If you have a white wall, for instance, adding a row of blue tiles can create a different and yet clean look. You can tell that there is a breeze of sea life in the decor, making your bathroom different and unique.

Polka Dots

bathroom polka dots


Sometimes you only need to change one element only to create a different look. Polka dots are great to create a traditional feel while delivering a modern sense too. One of the most efficient traditional style bathroom ideas is to include polka dots floor and your bathroom is instantly elevated.

You can also consider having polka dot tiles on the shower area. It is so simple and yet refreshing! Keep in mind that polka dots don’t always have to be in black and white. You can have other colors. It will make your bathroom colorful in a subtle way.

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Courtyard Specialty

Courtyard Specialty


If you want to create an elegant effect to the design, you can always include the elegant and timeless accessories to the bathroom. The master bath tub is placed close to the window so you can have a direct view outdoor. Above the bath tub area, you can have ivory walls and a chandelier so the overall effect is the traditional look.

Color Combination

color combination


You can also combine different colors to create an elegant look. For instance, you can choose pale turquoise color to create a soothing effect, but you can add a teal inclusion to deliver a different look. The colors are contrastive but they are pale so the outcome is elegant and calming.

There are actually other options and design ideas that you can incorporate in your bathroom project. These are only examples of traditional style bathroom ideas to improve your own room.