9+ Beautiful Rustic Barn Bathroom Design Ideas

barn bathroom ideas

For many people, barns reminisce about sweet old days. If you are one of them, there is no excuse to not bring the memories back. And a rustic barn bathroom would be a perfect personal getaway to escape from the hectic modern world.

You can benefit from building a barn-style bathroom. It evokes a unique character because of the craftsmanship and natural elements. The area also feels homey, inviting, and serene despite the rough textures.

The design is not just for people who dwell in the countryside. That means no matter where you live, it always suits your home. You are able to mix it with other designs such as modern, contemporary, and even minimalist.

There are also some barns hallmarks that you need to know. Just in case you can’t wait to incorporate the style into yours, enjoy reading!

1. Barn Door with Wrought Iron Hardware

barn door


This sophisticated lavatory employs a sliding barn door that is rustic in nature. Its honey color undeniably delivers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to the space.

The black metal hardware matches well with the subway floor tiles. Meanwhile, the beige-painted walls soothe the look. What a retreat!

2. Fresh Modern Twist

fresh twist


Here, an excellent combination of traditional and modern designs contributes to a gorgeous washroom. The freestanding bathtub, window, and walls come in crisp white color. They develop a trendy aesthetic.

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The concrete vanity top, iron bathtub sink, stone ceramic tiles, exposed beam, and wooden ceiling boost up the classic edge. Other than that, they inject layers of rich textures.

3. Barn Vanity with Concrete Sink

vanity ideas


If you want a rustic bathroom, but won’t go too extreme, give this idea a shot. The wooden vanity comes with the storages and black iron drawer pulls.

Moreover, the metallic grey concrete sink lends an industrial flavor. The wooden-framed mirror, painting, bottom half of the wall, and light fixture make the room more ravishing.

4. Unpolished Open Shelving

barn shelving


The single open wood shelf in this powder room doubles as a focal point. It houses the family photograph, indoor potted greenery, and a golden sign. Due to its natural shade, it meets seamlessly with the ivory walls.

Aside from hanging the wall decor, the homeowner opts for wooden vanity, mirror, and window frames. And the tissue holder is super cute.

5. Barn-Inspired Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures


We really love this calm washroom. It boasts wooden door, vanity with stone top, towel rack, full-width mirror, and black square tiles.

The wrought iron wall sconces illuminate the vanity and provide soft ambiance at the same time. A horse print rug on the floor catches the eye.

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6. Horseshoe Style Mirror

style mirror


Speaking of barn style, you won’t go wrong with vintage stuff. Here, the dark wooden framed horseshoe mirror reflects the light and steals the show.

The metal chain itself heightens rustic-industrial chic. All the while, the white and grey brick wall showcases the beautifully rugged textures.

7. Wood Accent Wall

wall accent


This wall is clad in the reclaimed wood strips. It looks naturally rustic yet eye-catching. A wood and metal towel rack works magnificently with the accent wall.

The rest of the room is kept minimal. And the large glass window brings nature into the space.

In short, rustic barn bathroom is all about the textured materials. You can choose either a huge renovation or just a simple update. The decision is entirely in your hands.

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