11+ Sleek and Natural Modern Wooden Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen design often exhibits sleek and clean lines that make it look so elegant, while wood elements bring the natural look in the kitchen. Modern wooden kitchen styles are for you who are currently looking for a kitchen with a stylish and minimalist look at once.

Wood is a material that offers not only durability and natural look, but also a smooth and inviting surface that makes it has a high value in terms of quality. No wonder they’re being used in many different parts of a house.

Wood can also be matched with almost any kitchen styles, decoration, and appliances indoor or outdoor. A kitchen that has wooden elements will stand the best of time. It becomes even more compelling as time passes by.

Bringing the natural atmosphere of wood elements into a modern kitchen so that you can have both sleek and natural appearance is a nice way to make your kitchen look so special that it can draw lots of attention.

1. Dark Wooden Surface

Wooden Surface


The concept of a modern kitchen is nicely pictured here with dark wooden furniture and clean surfaces. It shows the impressive character of wood and sleek appearance of modern design.

There are no unnecessary adornments or ornaments in the kitchen, which makes it an attractive place to look at, and it feels comfortable to cook here.

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2. Blend It with Other Style

Other Style


You can certainly bring another kitchen element like mid-century modern, for example, and see how it fits here.

These wooden kitchen cabinets have a strong mid-century modern accent with its neutral tone.
This kitchen is designed to have a good workspace that allows you to walk around one another even when the cabinets’ doors are open.

3. Stunning in Black

Stunning in Black


Everything you could ever want for a modern wooden kitchen is here. This one is just amazing. It’s so mesmerizing just to watch this kitchen with black furniture and kitchen appliances.

The wooden material looks so inviting and the dim light from those hanging lamps above the shiny island result in spectacular view to the surroundings. There’s also a huge table at which you can hang out with family members as it is big enough to hold them.

4. Infuse Classic Element

Classic Element


What another stunning modern kitchen, everyone? With a dark tone in this kitchen blended with white, a stunning modern classic kitchen is born. There are two major hues that make the classic ambiance feels so alive.

The wooden stools match well with the island since they have the exact same color whereas the lamps above the island enhance the classic vibe with their antique shape.

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5. Install a Sink

Install a Sink


A kitchen without an island will feel so incomplete so is the island without a sink because an island can help your work in the kitchen and the sink will also make it easier and you can save some more time.

That’s why you can never go wrong with installing a sink on the island, considering its advantages when it comes to cooking.

6. Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless Steel


It’s hard not to include stainless steel appliances in a modern kitchen. It also makes a good pair with wood as well. It’s known as a long-lasting appliance that brings a luxury and stylish appearance into the kitchen.

7. Enormous Wooden table

Enormous Wooden


Having an enormous neutral wooden table, this wooden kitchen design is out of this world. It also has a unique seating design that you wish you had known this genuine idea before.

A natural look is achieved from the smooth wooden countertop and flooring while the advanced kitchen appliances leave a modern nuance.

8. Simple Style

Simple Style


When designing a kitchen, a designer isn’t only focused on how it should have a spectacular look, but he/she also considers its function and efficiency first.

As shown here, this kitchen looks so simple but everything is well arranged that it presents to you a relaxed room here, so that you can serve a delicious meal in a calm way.

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9. Build a Partition Wall

Partition Wall


If you want to separate a room in the kitchen or that your kitchen has a huge pillar, you can make the good use of it to divide the area.

It brings so many benefits not only as a separating wall, but you can put a shelf that can be used as a beautiful decoration too.

10. Impressive Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture


Looking at this modern kitchen design with black and white furniture is satisfying. It has a spacious space and it’s kind of airy that you can sense the fresh air flowing through. You can just open the window and let it come through.

The wooden furniture infuses a neutral feel whereas the black tone one leaves a sensational vibe that merges with the surroundings.

11. Simplicity and Efficiency

Simplicity and Efficiency


This picture is proof why woods can be applied almost everywhere and with any other kitchen decorations, floor styles or design. The shiny concrete floor is the best example of what I’ve mentioned that it can make a great mixture with wooden furniture.

You can move freely here and that’s one of many advantages of having a simple kitchen design. Simplicity and efficiency are obtained when removing unwanted stuff in it.

Modern wooden kitchen designs will always have its follower due to the sleek and fashionable appearance. Not to mention the natural finish of the wooden element.