7 Most Popular Hawaiian Themed Living Rooms

Hawaiian Themed Living Room

Hawaiian themed living rooms look awesome and tropical in appearance. These rooms have a distinct style and class with bright tones of colors used everywhere. Living rooms designed as per this style look vibrant and very fresh with colorful curtains, decor and walls.

Look below to see the top 7 Hawaiian themed living room designs specially selected for you:

1. Exotic Hawaiian themed living room

Exotic Hawaiian rooms


With a living room that faces the mighty ocean, a person need not go anyplace else to chill out. The room here is Hawaiian themed with elaborate furnishings and a panoramic view of the clear blue sea. Some of the decorative pieces like the canoe anchored atop look smart.

There is lot of greenery inside the room in the form of pots and plants that match well with the furniture made of light brown wood. The carpet spread on the floor is quite beautiful and blends well with the decor.

2. Bright Hawaiian themed living room

Bright Hawaiian themed


This is one cool and awesome looking living room that is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of guests. There is a huge porch that is used to seat people and offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and palm tress surrounding the house.

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The ceiling and the panels are done up in wood that lend the room style and elegance. The white sofas and carpet too accentuate the look.

3. Elegant Hawaiian themed living room

Elegant Hawaiian Themed


The Hawaiian styled living room seen here in the image looks charming and very cool with pastels and light colors used in plenty. Most of the decorative pieces arranged are typically Hawaiian like the palm plant that lends greenery to the room. The black and white patterned rug accentuates the look while the white walls add serenity.

4. Cool Hawaiian themed living room

Cool Hawaiian Themed


Lots of green can be spotted in this living room designed as per Hawaiian style and looks very ethereal and serene. The small rug, the armchair along with a decorative pot are all designed with various hues and patterns of green that is truly Hawaiian.

5. Hawaiian themed trailer living room

Hawaiian themed rooms


This is a Hawaiian styled living room of a trailer that looks pretty colorful and exotic with retro styled tables and a green beanbag.The room is decked up with myriad colors like red, blue, yellow and orange that add vibrancy to the room and make it warm and friendly. The brown floor adds to the beauty of the room and looks smart.

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6. Smart Hawaiian themed living room

Smart Hawaiian themed


There is lot of usage of brown color in this living room that looks charming with a conical wooden finished ceiling and comfortable furniture that includes chunky brown and grey sofa and a dark brown leather coffee table to place showpieces.

The jute rug looks good and is very tropical in nature. One highlight of the room is the palm pot adding serenity to the room.

7. Gorgeous Hawaiian themed living room

Gorgeous Hawaiian theme


The open plan living room in the image looks gorgeous with a panoramic view of the ocean and cool surroundings. The decor of the room is brown and looks very bright.

The open kitchen and dining area are designed a little away from the living room but are very comfortable and cozy. Instead of traditional curtains, there are jute screens fitted on the windows that is very Hawaiian in style.

Hawaiian themed living rooms have bright color combos and one can find lots of wooden furnishings and finishes everywhere. These are tropical in style with special focus on plants and greenery. Living rooms designed as per this style look fresh and airy at all times. One can take a look at the list given above and take some clues when they think of redecorating their rooms in the future.

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