7+ Most Popular Farmhouse Fall Decorating Ideas

fall decorating ideas

Farmhouse style is definitely on-trend. It adds coziness as well as freshness to any living space. It goes fantastically with the fall theme, too. Since this striking combo will come into play, we present you farmhouse fall decorating ideas.

First of all, you must switch out your summer ornaments for the fall ones. Pumpkins, dry leaves, and flowers are basic pieces in the decor as they get ubiquitous. Plus, pillows make a great difference.

Furthermore, decorating your abode in the country style means you should incorporate neutral color palettes and textured elements. They lead to an unpretentious yet fabulous look.

On this occasion, we have unearthed some fall and farmhouse-friendly ideas for porch, bedroom, living room, entryway, and fireside. They obviously channel your inner decorator. Let’s dig into these!

1. Bold Fireside Hues

fireside hues


Here, the stone fireplace features dark wood mantel and burlap garland. The reclaimed window frame, chalkboard sign, old wooden lantern, statues, and orange maple leaves reside on top of the mantel.

In addition, printed cushion, distressed wooden house miniature, scale, and pumpkins in various shades accentuate the hearth. A trio of blankets, sofa chair, and cushion complete the fireside.

2. Cheerful Fall Porch

fall porch


There is nothing more enjoyable than sipping coffee in the refreshing air. Of course, a porch would be a nice spot. So, why not beautify your front porch?

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In this example, fake pumpkins fill up a tiny wooden cart. The wooden pumpkin with weathered metal leaves stands fabulously behind it. Real white pumpkins and black floor create an astonishing contrast.

3. Antiques Meet Subtle Fall Decorations

subtle fall


This sitting room is small in size, but it looks charming and sumptuous, thanks to the invigorating leaf wreaths on the metallic frames.

Space seems visually bigger due to the white space scheme. You can also easily spot the vintage units such as table lamp, clock, and wall sconce.

4. Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Fall Decor Pieces

farmhouse fall


Are you on a tight budget? No worries. You can still adorn your home with DIY items. You can make the artificial pumpkins out of wooden blocks and tree branches.

Then, leafless twigs in a blue-painted galvanized metal jar and red flowers provide a touch of nature. The wooden pumpkin and repurposed door signs embrace unrefined beauty.

5. Shabby Chic and Lively

Shabby Chic


This sideboard buffet is undoubtedly classical. It holds dessert stand, fake pale green pumpkins with golden stems, a vase full of dried colorful flowers, and wooden dough bowl.

We can’t get enough of the real white pumpkins, too. The wooden framed artworks and leaf wreath instantly ooze understated aesthetic.

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6. Fall Harvest Centerpiece

Centerpiece fall decor


Here, we have an elegant and impressive centerpiece for any room. It is crafted from tree twigs, wooden flowers, cotton balls, and naturally-dried lavenders.

The cotton-ball wreath injects layers of textures. It partners pleasantly with the reclaimed wooden board. It’s so captivating. Don’t you love it?

7. Rustic Fall Entryway

entryway ideas


If orange pumpkin is not your cup of tea, give this idea a glance. The entryway employs reclaimed wooden chairs, old floor lamps, and printed canvas cushions.

Meanwhile, the pumpkins come in navy, light blue, pale green and grey. They sit in an old tray and on the floor. The plants, copper units, and a wreath complete the space.

So, you can explore those farmhouse fall decorating ideas. To make your area comfortable, take your personality into the calculation. Anyway, which idea you like the most?