Clever Home Design Ideas for Your Dream Home

dream home ideas

Don’t you have your own dream home ideas, where you can turn your crib into your own playground? Everyone has their own ideal wish of what they want their home to be. Some want their home to be fun and playful, while some want their home to be a secret hiding place for them to wind up.

There are some ideas that you can actually do without compromising the layout, design, or comfort – and even privacy.

The Corner Pool

corner pool

Do you know that you don’t always need to have a big space at home to build your own swimming pool? You can still build a swimming pool even with the limited space. Be mindful, though, that the swimming pool is more functional as a big bathtub or Jacuzzi instead of a real pool where you can swim freely.

If you live in the area where the weather is hot and the climate is hot, then having the corner pool can be quite nice – and it increases the value of your property as well.

The Unique Headboard

Unique Headboard

Your headboard can actually be a fun part of the furniture that represents your wishes and wildest dream. Aquarium headboard, for instance, is perfect for those who are into fish so much. It is also a unique way to deliver a new atmosphere into your room.

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If you love books, then you can have shelves headboard. If you are a fan of manga, anime, or superheroes, you can have a display headboard. This is one of the most unique dream home ideas to try – as you can always represent yourself in a part of the decor.

The Backyard Office

Backyard Office

All these years, homeowners only include their home office as the part of the main building. But what if you can actually make your home office at your backyard?

It is unique and different. You can also have a direct engagement with nature. It is a guarantee that your office will be unique and you will have a different view to the outdoor.

Indoor and Outdoor Pool

Indoor and Outdoor

We have talked about having a corner pool for small homes. But what if you can have a regular (with the regular size) but you place it half indoor and half outdoor? Isn’t it unique?

This one of the coolest dream home ideas allows you to enjoy the sheltered space while getting the sunray exposure whenever you want it. Not all homeowners have this kind of pool so you should seriously consider it – for your own enjoyment too.

Hidden Storages

Hidden Storages

This dream home ideas isn’t only applicable for small homes but also the regular ones. The hidden drawers or slots or containers will give you a more efficient way in decorating the house as well as managing the mess and clutter.

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It also gives the house a sense of neatness since you can easily store the items in the secret containers – that visitors or guests can’t see. You can also achieve a bigger, wider, and neater effect from the hidden arrangement.

Open Outdoor Bathroom

Outdoor Bathroom

Want to engage more with nature? Do you like taking a shower surrounded by the greeneries? The open and outdoor concept is blending in the functionality of the bathroom and the freshness (and also the excitement) of the outdoor.

Imagine how fun it is to actually standing on the stone area enjoying the water with the sun shines directly on you. Just be sure that the area is protected from prying eyes and peeping Tom has no chances to spy on you.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

It is always nice to have a piece of a furniture with several functions at once. A dining table that can be turned into a ping-pong table, for instance, can help you save up space. It also saves you money because you can enjoy several functionalities by buying one item only.

In the end, you can always manage you home the way you like it. As long as you understand the functions and you enjoy the process, any dream home ideas should be okay.

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