15+ Adorable Breakfast Nook Design Ideas For Awesome Mornings

breakfast nook ideas

Having breakfast before starting your day will give you the energy to perform well at the workplace or office. With great breakfast nook ideas, you’ll be able to create a nice spot where you can have a light breakfast or just a cup of coffee in the morning.

You will find the bond with your couple or family member will also get stronger as you can sit at the same table have a small conversation before heading to work. In this article, we try to give you a look at our breakfast nook gallery we’ve compiled to warm your kitchen up.

That’s why you should know how to draw your partner or family members’ attention by creating a breakfast nook that can make them have their breakfast every morning. Without further ado, let’s have a look!

1. Simple Rattan Chairs

Rattan Chairs


Whether there’s a breakfast or not in the kitchen, you wouldn’t mind sitting there sipping a cup of lukewarm tea or coffee while reading the morning newspaper. You can just open your laptop checking what’s new in the work office while waiting the breakfast is being served.

2. Grey Banquette

Grey Banquette


A night owl may find it hard to wake up early in the morning since they tend to stay all night, and that’s why they can barely keep their eyes open in the morning.

A warm and welcoming breakfast nook could be the answer to that. With a couple of rattan chairs and a grey banquette, hope this can make that night owl person wake up and sit down here for a breakfast.

3. Located Near the Window

Near the Window


Sits near the window, this one has a banquette seating with cushions. The benefits of having it close to the window are that you can turn the lights down because it won’t be necessary. You will be also that sleepy again after receiving some light from the window.

4. Lay a Rug Underneath

Rug Underneath


Laying a rug to create the room even warmer is highly recommended. This nook becomes a fancy place to hang out in the morning or at night with wooden chairs that white soft and crisp surfaces.

5. Decorate the Lamp

the Lamp


A lamp is an element that should exist at the table. Without it, it feels like something missing, right? Giving the lamp a touch and adorn it a little isn’t a bad idea. The white table looks so clean and really impressive with its shape and will make you reluctant to skip breakfast.

6. A Nook with Amazing View

Nook with Amazing View


How can you resist sitting and having breakfast here? You will certainly cannot. This corner has been transformed into a great spot to have your breakfast or dine.

The wooden flooring, woven chairs and a banquette with pillows look so inviting. Not to mention the amazing view out there.

7. Black and White Tone

White Tone


Looking fancy with the black and white tone, this breakfast nook features two see-through chairs with a white a table and a green couch. The table has a very glossy surface that looks spotless and the flowers make it more alive in so many ways.

8. Elegant Nook

elegant nook


The weathered-wood flooring and the grey rug create an elegant ambiance when combined with soft upholstered chairs. The dim lights above the table leave a romantic nuance while the green plants balance the rest of it.

9. Comfortable Spot

Comfortable Spot


You can feel the sheer level of comfort in this area just by looking at it. A round table with neutral color along with a couple of chairs while there lays a rug that rises the cozy atmosphere. You can also enjoy breakfast while looking outside the window as well.

10. Install a Chandelier

install a Chandelier


You should be careful when eating and don’t spill it over since the chairs are upholstered. This neutral nook has a small, round table with black color that make a contrast with the surroundings. The chandelier will make your evening has a romantic vibe.

11. Hanging Plant

hanging plant


An old-fashioned and classic style is portrayed nicely in this room. The wooden chairs and table bring a warm feeling above the neutral tile floor. Above the table, you see there are an old lamp and a hanging plant, which add a classic and natural element.

12. Unique lamp

unique lamp


When at the table, you shouldn’t only focus on chairs and walls only. Notice that there’s a stunning light with a unique shape. This DIY light sure comes from a very creative person, and his idea makes the area feel so special.

13. Time-Worn Table

Table Idea


This worn-time table will bring you a farmhouse vibe in this room. Its enormous size can hold a small party in this house. The stunning wood plank flooring barely is unnoticed as it’s covered with the rug.

14. No Chairs

Breakfast No Chairs


Some people might not have spacious space in their kitchen or home, so they have to find a way to deal with that. By removing chairs, this nook looks cluttered-free. I hope the table doesn’t too high for you though.

15. Family Corner

family corner


Creating a family-friendly spot in the kitchen area can make your morning so much fun. This place is where your morning routing begins, so having a quality time by eating breakfast together will boost your mood so that you can carry out your job at workplace wonderfully.

We would be delightful if our short list of breakfast nook ideas can inspire to create your own breakfast nook just as much as you want it to be.