9+ of the Best Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas

birthday cake ideas

A birthday party is a special occasion that many people, including you, celebrate every year. You usually invite friends to this event. Therefore, a special birthday cake is a must. What birthday cake ideas you should try, then?

A birthday cake doesn’t always have to be expensive or big. You don’t have to order it at a cake store, too – a homemade one would be much better in terms of satisfaction. You can even try to elaborate the shape as you’re the one who made it.

Knowing who you’re making the cake for would be a nice way to measure how big or sweet your birthday cake should be. If you’re going to have a celebration with lots of kids or friends, it is strongly advised to make a big one.

You can ask them what kind of cake they would like to have for their birthday party. This can also make them even more excited when seeing their favorite cakes appear just as what they expected.

1. Yummy Banana Cake

banana cake


Who’s not going to salivate when seeing this yummy banana cake displayed in front of you? It looks so tempting with trifles that are covered with vanilla cake and vanilla pudding. Bananas aren’t only rich in potassium and fiber, but they are also delicious.

This cake-and-ice-cream-inspired dessert is blanketed with mouth-watering chocolate sauce that will absolutely tease you to eat it.

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Get the recipe here

2. Tasty Popcorn Cake

tasty popcorn


After dealing with decorating the birthday party and sending invitations, the last preparation will be baking the cake. But what cake you should make, anyway? Well, this cake shouldn’t that difficult to make – and it looks tastily tempting.

What a delicious cake! This cake will certainly melt your heart with a soft and creamy chocolate layer and appetizing popcorn poured by caramel sauce.

Get the recipe here

3. Rainbow Cake with Vanilla

ranbow cake


A beautiful rainbow typically appears in the sky after the rain. This is probably what inspires people to make a rainbow cake. As close to its original, this cake has the same colors just like a real rainbow has.

You can make a delectable rainbow cake with vanilla cream on top of it. Some fruit like cherry can make a lovely addition to it. Or, you can even put a number or name as well.

Get the recipe here

4. Music-Themed Cake

music themed cake


Men would also be delighted if you throw a birthday party for them. If, by any chance, he loves stuff related to music or he’s a musician himself, giving him a music-inspired cake can’t go wrong – especially with the musical instrument that he loves most.

If you love to challenge yourself, make an instrument music-shaped cake instead. It’ll obviously require a good skill and you can make one long before the birthday event will be held.

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5. Heroes-Themed Cake

Heroes-Themed Cake


Heroes-themed movies often earn some considerable amount of money and popularity. The stars play in the movies would be famous in an instant. This phenomenon is what drives many bakers to create cakes with the same ideas – cakes with heroes and action figures.

Disney’s Frozen is loved by kids worldwide. If your kids are one of them, making this for their birthday would be a big surprise.

6. Harley Davidson Cake

harley cake


A man who loves adventuring and traveling would choose motorbikes over expensive cars. Make him Harley Davidson-inspired cake on his birthday would make his birthday feel so memorable.

Not every person who’s fond of something would be happy if they’re given the same thing they do or like. But it’s not wrong to make them a homemade cake with themed-cake they’re most infatuated with on their birthday, right?

7. Minion Cake

minion cake


These mini, yellow, banana look-like creatures are called Minions. They first appear on a movie entitled Despicable Me and has gained fame throughout the world ever since. I’m sure your kids would be contented to have this Minions cake for their birthday.

Minions would motivate your kids to be brave and love their friends in every kind of situation they are in whether it’s bad or good.

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Get the recipe here

8. Carrot Flavored Cake

carrot flavored


More often than not, you find cakes with the same ingredients, shape, and recipe which seem not to really appetite you when looking at it. If you’re looking for some new cake with a unique recipe, then I suggest you try this.

This cake is made from carrot, yes carrot. And it’s combined with pineapple and coconut to create a delicious, mouth-watering taste. It would also be a much healthier birthday cake than others alike, isn’t it?

Get the recipe here

9. Candy Bar Cake

candy cake


Will chocoholics please gather here? This Candy Bar cake looks so yummy enough to raise your appetite. Making your own birthday cake can be a fun thing to do every year. Who knows it can be an opportunity to make cakes for others, too.

With a shortbread cookie crust poured with peanut butter nougat, you won’t find it hard to make. Next, top it with peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache, and let the chocolate to melt all over the cake to make it even more tempting.

Get the recipe here 

A homemade cake has some more value than store-made one because the one who receives it would really appreciate it. So, which our birthday cake ideas you’re going to give a go?