15+ Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas To Liven Up Your Boring Walls

bedroom wall decor ideas

A wall in the bedroom can be so attractive if painted or decorated with the right color or decoration. A bedroom wall décor will pretty much influence the whole room as it is a part that hard to be unnoticed.

So, it needs a good plan when it comes to decorating your bedroom. You can start by deciding what kind of color, style, or decoration that you would like to have for your walls. Some options are definitely there to confuse you, though.

But you should remain calm and make up your mind, then choose one that would look good for the bedroom and make you feel satisfied with the result. You can buy store-bought decoration or wallpapers.

But I believe that a DIY decoration would make it even better as you can mix and match it yourself. From choosing the material and deciding how big the size it should be, you can simply adjust it to come up with your expectation.

1. Mirrors on the Wall

Mirror idea

These mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, and you can just put them on the wall and arrange them as much as you would like to. They slightly look just like flowers on the striped wall.

White accents sure cover the room and make it have calm and relaxed ambiances that will anybody feel at home.

2. My Side — Your Side

ideas for badroom

If you’re a married couple who loves to tease each other, this sarcasm words would be a perfect wall décor in your bedroom. This will be fun every time you go to bed and see those words on the wall.

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3. Back to Nature

 Back to Nature


Nature has so much beauty that waits to be discovered. The wall background, for example, is painted with a beautiful mural of banana leaves. It looks so stunning and really is the center of attention.

4. The Eiffel Tower

popular bedroom


The first time you think about France would be the 1063-feet Eiffel Tower. There must be a specific reason why you choose this icon as your bedroom’s background. But whatever reason it might be, the poster suits the bedroom well.

5. Abstract Art

Abstract Art


Someone could be found close to what they are most interested in. This painting shows how much the owner is keen on artistic subjects. This room looks so simple but has a high sense of artsy value in it.

6. Gorgeous Pallet Wall


What a phenomenal wall decoration! You can decorate your room to be as just as amazing as this one. When creativity is combined with imagination and passion, you’ll get something that is worth admiration.

You can also see the designer made a unique place for books storage there. The bed and rug have a similar grey color that look so cozy. A cozy room with an extraordinary wall décor is here in this picture.

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7. Black and White Pictures

White pictures


To have a warm and welcoming bedroom is definitely every homeowner’s dream. What an elegant bed design it is! This room has a bold grey accent. And there’s a combination of dark blue color with wonderful black and white paintings.

8. Create a Contrast

Create a Contrast


This room is so full with white stuff from the wall, bed, and ceiling. The main idea of having a room with such a bold white color is perhaps to acquire a calm atmosphere here.

On the wall, you can see a simple yet delicate artwork of a three which is stunning. To make a splash, combine it with a dark tone so that it can have a nice contrast.

9. The Majestic Headboard

Majestic Headboard


It’s such an impressive headboard with only wood blocks. You might not know that you can make something astonishing like this out of wood blocks. The headboard floor-to-ceiling is really mesmerizing to watch.

10. Big City Vibe

Big City Vibe


A big city is often pictured full with crowd people, high traffic and air pollution, but this photographer had a very different view and captured this beautiful photograph from above in a huge size, creating an impressive picture that is worth praising.

11. Plank Wood Headboard

Plank Wood


A neutral headboard made out of plank wood in this room is just exceptional. It looks simple but elegant in so many ways. The squares window with dark frame blends pretty well with the wood headboard making the room has a welcoming atmosphere.

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12. Floral Work

Floral Work


Simplicity has something more to offer for you. It has a minimalist touch, looks style and is pretty. This room applies such an idea with few things attached to the wall while the other wall is adorned with some pictures.

13. Glossy Surface

Glossy Surface


The shiny panel wall is probably what makes you can’t take your eyes off it. There’s a great bedroom wall decoration with a dark color and glossy surface. The dark brown color makes the shiny parts bright, and that is what the purpose of combining them.

14. Easy Headboard Decoration

Headboard Decoration


Fantastic wall decoration doesn’t have to be complicated that costs you a lot of money. You can just go simple with a panel wood headboard. Paint it with a color that makes it easy to be noticed, and it can draw the occupant’s attention.

15. The Rustic Vibe

Rustic Vibe


A countryside theme would always be missed. Its peculiar and timeless style is what makes it different from other styles. This weathered-wood wall screams a strong rustic vibe. The beamed ceiling and the view of the beautiful mountain really complete the vibe in this room.

The sky is the limits when it comes to bedroom wall décor ideas. You can spruce the bedroom up with your imaginations. Be creative and create your own decoration.