7 Awesome Barndominium Designs to Inspire You

barndominium designs

Are you currently searching for the best barndominium designs? No matter what kind of barndominium you choose to renovate, it must take account of unique features that you won’t find in a traditional home.

A barndominium itself generally refers to an amazing and sturdy metal constructed house. It combines the best two different worlds: a barn and conventional living quarter. Just like a traditional home, you will have a different kind of living spaces including a bedroom, kitchen, and others.

While barndominium typically suggests a steel frame building, recently it has expanded to employ those traditional wooden frames, too. It isn’t surprising as well that this type of home construction gains more popularity nowadays.

Many people build a barndominium in the rural area and use it as a place to enjoy a weekend retreat as they spend their weekdays in the city. On the other hand, some others use their barndominium as an impermanent home.

If you’re ready to make your own barndominium, here are a few awesome barndominium design ideas that can inspire you.

1. Rustic Barndominium Design

rustic barn


Rustic design is well-known as the simplest one among the other designs. For instance, to get this rustic design inside the barndominium, you can add that dormer made of wood in the ceiling.

2. Prairie Barn Design

Prairie barn


This traditional barn design is cozy and inviting. It makes a perfect weekend retreat with its country style and warm color scheme. The living room quarters loft space is big enough for a family gathering in the evening.

3. Custom Barndominium Design

custom barn


This is one of the custom barndominium designs that feature an elegant double exterior wall. The big double barn doors at the entrance are kept as a frame for the real front door. The grey washed wood exterior looks perfect here.

4. Modern Barndominium Design

modern barndominium


Modern turns out to be the most appealing design for barndominium. Just like this barndominium, it provides luxury and comfort. To add a modern design to your barndominium, you can start by having contemporary stairs like this one.

5. All-White Barndominium Interior

All-White barn


Instead of keeping the natural wood color to create a warm, rustic touch, this barndominium features white walls and cabinetry in its spacious kitchen area. The wooden flooring, on the other hand, makes a nice balance to the whole space.

6. Barndominium Design with Front Porch

Front Porch Barn


This rustic-meets-refined barndominium proves that rough-hewn doesn’t need to mean roughing it. The front porch makes this weekend retreat stuff of dreams. Just imagine how relaxing it can be to enjoy chatting with your loved one on the porch.

7. Metal and Wood Barndominium Design

metal and wood


If you have a beautiful nature view around your barn, designing it to have framed glass walls like this one will make a great choice. Besides, the natural wooden exterior gives the entire building a classic barn look.

All of these dissimilar barndominium designs show that you have a bunch of style choices when it comes to these exceptional living spaces. Whether you decide on employing the rustic wooden barn or the modern custom design, you’re sure to have a perfect one with these ideas!