9+ Best Backyard Waterfall Ideas That Will Inspire You

backyard waterfall ideas

Water is highly soothing and relaxing. That’s why homeowners decide to bring a water feature to their backyard or garden. From modern pools to conventional natural ponds, you can explore the best backyard waterfall ideas in this page. Thus, you can complete the outdoor space of your dream.

While natural waterfalls are well-known for their breathtakingly beautiful views and their incredibly tranquil renditions, backyard waterfalls are just a simple and straightforward alternative for the natural ones. They are easy to install in anywhere around your outdoor space.

With a little diligent care, you can have years of supreme style and grace with this backyard waterfall. With limitless sources of water feature inspiration like elegant Asian gardens and traditional English gardens, your backyard waterfall is an opportunity to curate an extraordinary extension of your home.

The good news is backyard waterfall designs become more convenient and appealing nowadays. They also come in any size and model to fit your outdoor space and personal approach. Just like the other elements, you will be faced with myriad possibilities in building a backyard waterfall, too.

Now, to help you get started, I’ve put together a few gorgeous backyard waterfalls to become your source of inspiration.

1. Pretty Backyard Waterfall with Colorful Flowers



Plants can soften the rocks of this lovely and peaceful waterfall. Moreover, the colorful flowers add extra interest to this pleasant garden space. If you have enough space for a big pond, this waterfall will surely complement the pond flawlessly.

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2. An Inviting Garden Pond and Waterfall



Get a good feeling as you enjoy your weekend morning in the garden with this awesome pond and waterfall. This idea shows you that there’s no need to build so many rock levels to create an inviting backyard waterfall.

3. Amazing Pond with Small Waterfall

Small Waterfall


You don’t need to have a very wide garden to bring a pond and waterfall to your outdoor area. This one of amazing backyard waterfall ideas won’t take much space in your garden. Yet, it can introduce more welcoming element.

4. Stunning Waterfall to Complement Home Exterior

Home Exterior


This backyard waterfall will surely make a great impression to anyone who sees it. Completed with colorful flowers and waterfall lights, it provides wonderful day-time and night-time viewing. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of this beautiful waterfall!

Those are a few awesome waterfall backyards that you can get inspiration from. With those awesome waterfalls in your outdoor space, backyard gatherings with your friends and family or a romantic evening under the stars with your loved one will become far more amazing.

You can also consider adding evergreens to provide privacy screening around your gorgeous waterfall.

Planting a variety of flowers around the pond and waterfall makes a great choice as well. As you can see on some of the ideas above, the flowers provide a perfect complement to the whole space.

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In conclusion, those backyard waterfall ideas can surely accomplish a variety of landscaping needs and take them into the next level. With some of the ideas above and a bit imagination as well as creativity, you can make the backyard oasis of your dream right away!

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