9+ Brilliant Apartment Decorating Ideas For Beautiful Space

There are actually abundance of apartment decorating ideas that you can implement to your personal space. Most homeowners think that they can’t make their living space more appealing or attractive because of the limited space or a strict landlord. It doesn’t have to be that way, really.

Decorating doesn’t always require you to change the structure or make any extravagant transformation. There are some simple but catchy ideas to try at home.

Personal Display Gallery

Display Gallery


Do you have any floating shelf? If yes, make use of it! The floating shelves can be a great idea to show off your collective decorative items. If you have anything adorable, catchy, or interesting, simply put them on the display and see how such a seemingly simple action can change the whole room and atmosphere.

A Favorable Statement Piece

red sofa


Okay, so you are stuck with a structure or construction that you can’t change – not without getting a fight from your landlord. You just have to make compromises. One of the most creative apartment decorating ideas is to use your favorite piece of furniture and create a statement decor.

For instance, a bright red corner armed sofa or emerald green sectionals will turn attention to their way. The hideous part of the apartment simply fades away. Don’t be afraid to use bold and bright furniture to create your signature style.

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Creative Art

Creative Art


Just because you don’t want to compromise the deposit money, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your creativity. For instance, black and white wall photos can be attached to a wooden palette that is leaning to the wall. You can attach them with a pink or neon washi tape.

Or you can use a special colorful cord and use the wooden clothes pin to attach the Polaroid photos – or any photos that you like. This is one of the simplest apartment decorating ideas that you can use at home.

The Artistic Studio

Artistic Studio


In the event that you live in a studio apartment, you can decorate it in the most appealing way without compromising simplicity. One of simplest ways to do so is to choose the same hue – or at least the similar hues – so you can have a uniformed look.

It will make your studio looks bigger while retaining its simplicity. Then you can use sectional or area rugs to divide the apartment into different zones.

Color Smart

Color Smart


Using one color only can be boring – even dreadful. But using too many colors will also make your apartment look cheesy and lousy. That’s why you should be smart about the color management. Here’s the thing: use at least 2 or 3 color managements.

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Use the neutral color as the base color. And then use the second color as layers. And then you can add third or even fourth colors in the accents. For instance, you can use ivory as the base color of the room (on the wall and floor).

Then use cream or white for the furniture (this is the second layer of color). And then you can use bright turquoise or bold navy for the cushions. This would be the next layer of color.

Smart Storage

Smart Storage


Some storage needs to be open while others need to be hidden. The open types can be used for display, such as shelves or racks.

The hidden and enclosed types should be used for essentials, such as storing the bathing essentials, the laundry stuff, the cleaners, and such thing alike. Don’t forget this when managing your apartment decorating ideas.

All in all, managing the apartment decor doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure you know what to expect and your apartment decorating ideas can turn into a smooth project.